Yacht Armor

Introducing Yacht Armor: The Revolutionary Marine Protection Solution

Experience the next level of marine protection with Yacht Armor, the cutting-edge solution designed to address common challenges faced by boat owners. Engineered to withstand the harshest elements, this innovative technology ensures the longevity and pristine appearance of your vessel.

Main Features of Yacht Armor

UV Resistant

Bid farewell to faded gelcoat and paint. With Yacht Armor, your boat’s motors and hull sides will maintain their vibrant color, even after months of sun exposure. Say goodbye to a dull appearance and keep your investment looking as good as new.


No need to worry about surface-level damages anymore. Yacht Armor’s self-regenerating capabilities make it stand out from traditional gel-coat and other protective products. Dock rash and scratches will vanish, eliminating the need for tedious buffing.

Reduced Maintenance

Forget about frequent upkeep. Unlike other exterior layers that require maintenance every 18 months, Yacht Armor’s Marine Protection Film (MPF) is exceptionally durable. Enjoy the benefits of our 3-year guarantee and save valuable time by minimizing visits to the boat yard.

Marine Nano-Tech

Yacht Armor’s MPF is formulated using advanced marine nano-technology, providing unparalleled protection compared to ceramic coatings. Its molecular-level structure creates a robust barrier available in various thicknesses, catering to different areas of your boat.

Enhanced Appearance

Maintain a fresh and clean look for the most visible parts of your boat for years to come. Yacht Armor offers a low-profile design with three times the protection of standard gel-coat or paint. Don’t compromise on having a head-turning vessel on the water—choose Yacht Armor.

How does the process look like?

The process starts by doing a really deep wash to remove any dirt and debris. Depending on the condition of the paint or gel coat it can be installed without any polishing. It can be used on pretty any surface on the vessel outboards, countertops, and tables, we also have screen protectors for your instruments and it comes in a gloss o matte finish depending on the surface and the customer’s desire.

Once the film is installed the boat should sit for at least 24 hours to let it cure.

Yacht Armor Installation