Ceramic Coating for Boats

Get the Very Best Finish and Shine.

As a premier detailing service provider to the Hamptons, we consider our Ceramic Coating Services to be the very finest achievement in boat detailing today. For two years, your boat will have long-term protection against oxidation, fading and more, an enduring gloss and shine and an incredible reduction in overall maintenance requirements. It’s an exciting service that is changing the industry and expectations everywhere. Expect your luxury boat, powerboat or sailboat to be truly transformed. 

Know the Benefits:

A ceramic coating is a transparent, thin shield that is applied to your gelcoat for strong, armor-like protection. It is important to know what you are investing in. As one of the longest-lasting finishes available for boats, it has amazing benefits including: 

  • Preservation of your boat’s original look and long-term value
  • Protection against oxidation, water spots, sun damage and fading
  • Water repellency for swift clean-up, easy maintenance and water growth removal
  • A shield against dirt accumulation
  • The absolute shiniest and glossiest finish for up to 2 years 

How it Works:

Learn about our process so you can trust our team. We will get to know your boat and your needs to deliver the perfect finish. A ceramic coating requires a preliminary Gelcoat Correction in order to seal the perfect surface beneath the coating. You can expect the following with every Ceramic Coating:

  • An exceptionally detailed Gelcoat Correction to remove oxidation and restore the gelcoat color
  • A Preparation Wash to clean the newly polished and compounded surface
  • Application of a Solvent Wipe
  • Installation of the first Ceramic Coating layer
  • A complete Level of the ceramic coating
  • A One Hour Cure Time to allow the coating to set
  • Installation of the second Ceramic Coating layer

Our services require in-depth knowledge about the condition of your boat and size to know how to properly schedule and quote this service. We care about our customers and their needs so we always try to provide ongoing transparency throughout our consultations.

Our Unique Promise:

With customers that have been with us for almost a decade, we promise to deliver our services with the highest consideration of your needs. We have been doing this work for a long time and have exceptional industry expertise but we will always take the time to listen and make sure that we understand everything you want from our services. Always expect:

  • Incredible scheduling to ensure the swiftest delivery of our services according to your timeline
  • Clear and concise follow-up to make sure your needs are communicated
  • Ongoing support after completion of our services because we truly care about you and your boat