Paint Correction for Cars

Give a New Shine to Your Cars Paint

Highly specialized Paint Correction will leave your car looking restored and vibrant. Our team applies the highest quality of craftsmanship to every car and auto we work on. Paint correction includes a full sanding, compounding, and polishing that completely refinishes your car paint, removing fading, oxidation, scratches and swirls. It’s the most important step when restoring your car to a finish that looks new.

How it Works:

Learn about our process so you can trust our team. We will get to your car and your needs to deliver the perfect finish. You can expect the following with every Paint Correction:

  • A total Decontamination Wash to remove dirt and scum
  • Multi-stage Wet-Sanding for removal of particles and tough residue (depending on condition)
  • A Second Wash to remove polishing residue
  • Multi-stage Compounding for removal or swirls, scratches and oxidation.  

Next, Choose Your Finish:

Try a Premium Wax, which applies traditional methods for a wet look and glossier shine with 1-3 months of protection.

Get a Sealer, which uses polymers to mimic the properties of a wax for 3-6 months of a glossier finish and protection.

Upgrade to a Ceramic Coating for up to 3, 5 or 7 Years of the best finish, protection, shine and ease of maintenance. 

Choose the finish that best fits your needs. Be sure to check out the long term benefits of a Ceramic Coating for a glimpse into the ultimate solution for protection and shine.

Our Unique Promise:

With customers that have been with us for almost a decade, we promise to deliver our services with the highest consideration of your needs. We have been doing this work for a long time and have exceptional industry expertise but we will always take the time to listen and make sure that we understand everything you want from our services. Always expect:

  • Incredible scheduling to ensure the swiftest delivery of our services according to your timeline
  • Clear and concise follow-up to make sure your needs are communicated
  • Ongoing support after completion of our services because we truly care about you and your car